Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Ginormous diamonds, living robots made from frog stem cells, and more from around the web

Preserving the Scents of Everyday Life Researchers at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage are working double-time to identify and catalog scents that exist all around us—from the smell of an old book, to a pub at a particular time of night, and worn-in leather. Many of these are disappearing right under our noses. For example, as we collectively move deeper into a digital age, …

Synth Kit

Recommended for ages 14+, this kit, designed by Little Bits and KORG, lets young music-lovers build their own modular synth. Featuring a delay, filter, micro-sequencer, oscillator, synth speaker and much more, the builder has limitless options as far as sound and execution go. Learning how to build a synth is only the first step; playing it is second—and both are equally educational and enjoyable.

littleBits + KORG Synth Kit

Build your own analog synthesizer using simple, Lego-like electronic pieces that snap together magnetically

New York-based littleBits has been making big waves in the design industry since their electronic modules-maker took over the MoMA Design Store. Instead of building talking puppets or electric toothbrushes, this time around the two-year-old startup is concentrating on breaking down barriers in the electronic music-making realm; seeking to make it more accessible to those who aren’t fluent in the language of wires, circuitry and …