Unreleased Kurt Vonnegut Stories to be Published

Beloved writer Kurt Vonnegut (who passed away 10 years ago) will have five never-before-seen (by the general public) stories published later this month. Edited by Jerome Klinkowitz and Dan Wakefield (who discovered the stories) and with a foreword by Dave Eggers, “Complete Stories” will include all Vonnegut’s published short stories, plus the five newly unearthed ones. Read more at DazedDigital.

Interview: Curator Joseph Grima of Space Caviar

Reflecting on the artist's cerebral work at the 10th Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

“Player Piano: A Subjective Atlas of a Landscape of Labour” was one of the most cerebral, engaging exhibitions we saw at this year’s 10th Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne. It was the final exhibition in the exploration of the Cité du Design, the event’s primary location. Here, the 1000-square-meter room appeared to be almost empty. A round, metallic stage sat in the middle of the former-industrial …