Self-Cleaning Water Pitcher

Like LARQ’s water bottles, the brand’s new pitcher self-cleans, but this product also provides multi-stage water-purification—a first within a vessel of this kind. Unlike other filtrating pitchers, this one removes bio-contaminants at the molecular level—that means no bacteria, mold or viruses, thanks to the PureVis™ UV-C purification. It also eliminates lead, mercury, chlorine and volatile organic compounds all while retaining beneficial minerals. Available for pre-order …

Movement Bottle

Intended only for cold water, LARQ’s Bottle Movement eliminates 99.9999% of contaminants, courtesy of its built-in UV-C LED technology. Available in two sizes (24- and 32-ounce), the smart bottle self-cleans every two hours, but can also be manually prompted with the touch of a button. Made from a lightweight stainless steel, the bottle is ideal for the gym and outdoor adventures.

Self-Cleaning and Water-Purifying LARQ Bottles

In just minutes, 99.9999% of contaminants are gone

LARQ bottles feature the same stylish design and temperature maintaining technology as other brands, but these products also purify their contents and self-clean. By now it’s common sense to utilize reusable water bottles whenever possible, but when they’re filled with tap water, they’re not necessarily free of microbes. LARQ safely enables the use of tap water, making sure we’re consuming it in a healthier way—benefitting us …