Purist’s Sleek, Spill-Proof Scope Bottle Top

A 360-degree lid made possible by thoughtful design features

Purist first impressed us at Outdoor Retailer 2018, where they debuted their bottles with unbreakable interior glass finishes. Dubbed the Maker (10-ounce), Mover (18-ounce) and Founder (32-ounce), they’re perfectly minimal in design and available in several colors with three interchangeable lid options. One of those lids, called the Element, simply screws on and off and features a curved handle that tucks into one side. Another, …

“Lid” Storage Container

Almost too pretty to use (though entirely functional by design), this storage container was made in collaboration by Melbourne studio-meets-store Third Drawer Down and Tom Dixon. Crafted from blue glass and white marble, it can be used to house almost anything—and doubles as a gorgeous display case too. And at 8.5cm by 17cm by 22cm, it’s ideal for a desk or countertop.

Pig Cooking Lid

You’ve already got the pot and the belly—now all you need is the pig. MoMA’s handy Pig Cooking Lid can be placed on any pot and helps food cook easily as hot water vapor releases through its silicone snout while looking adorable in the process. This useful item was originally featured in MoMA’s Destination: Japan, an exclusive curated collection featuring cutting-edge Japanese products. The perfect …