Last Prisoner Project Single Pre-Roll + Lighter

Including one .5g hemp pre-roll accompanied by a sleek refillable lighter, Her Highness NYC’s Last Prisoner Project Set offers more than a relaxed smoking experience: 50% of the proceeds go to the advocacy and prison reform non-profit, which directly supports women who have been unjustly incarcerated for low-level cannabis infractions. Each pre-roll has been filled with CBD flower that’s been sourced from a minority-owned hemp …

Cannabis-Centric Houseplant’s Many Missions

Seth Rogen's brand strives to do their part in righting the wrongs of federal cannabis prohibition

Seth Rogen, an unabashed marijuana enthusiast in many of his acting roles as well as in real life, launched the cannabis-centric company Houseplant in the US this month with co-founder Evan Goldberg. The brand (which debuted in Canada circa 2019) emphasizes premium cannabis flower, a gorgeous accessory line and impressive social responsibility initiatives—all of which set it apart from many others in the tremendously saturated …

Ombre Arc Lighter

Available in two colorways (each equally glittery), Tetra’s Ombre Arc Lighter looks spectacular, but is undeniably practical. Not only is it reusable and chargeable (one USB charge offers about 50 lights), it’s also windproof and airplane-friendly. Button-activated, it’s a contemporary, playful and sparkly take on the traditional Zippo.