The Perfect Spring and Summer Martini

A 50/50 Plymouth Gin and Lillet Blanc cocktail makes for the next Aperol Spritz, only with more oomph

A mention of the word martini calls to mind so many personal experiences and associations that the cocktail really means something different to just about every consumer. Whether you’re a vodka or gin drinker, or if you like it citrus-dominant or dirty, or even bone dry, when you order a cocktail, it should be to your flavor expectations. While the CH team each has a …

Jean de Lillet 2010

The latest limited edition from the acclaimed, elegant French aperitif brand, Jean de Lillet 2010 is created from a combination of the best Sauternes grapes from Bordeaux and an in-house orange liqueur made from the peels of sweet Spanish oranges. Aging in French oak barrels allows for a deeper, rounder taste profile of toasted vanilla in this magical vintage.

Foolproof Sangria Recipe with Lillet Rouge

An alternative version of the perfect summer drink using the traditional wine aperitif

No matter which bar or restaurant you find yourself at around the world, chances are you could spy a bottle of Lillet on the bar shelves. Such has been the case since the brand’s inception in 1872. Lillet is a traditional French aperitif from Bordeaux—composed of 85% wine and 15% citrus liqueurs—that has remained a popular (but not faddy) tipple for over 100 years. The …