Bento Lip Balm + Scrub

This clever two-in-one lip kit from Kaja (meaning “let’s go” in Korean) comprises a strawberry-scented and flavored scrub with a flavor-free lip balm. Unscrew the bottom to use the gentle scrub, and flip the cap to reveal the creamy balm—which also provides a subtle gloss. With the aid of grape seed oil, strawberry extract, vitamin E and olive squalane, lips feel super-smooth and nourished after …

CBD Lip Balm

From High Falls Hemp, this CBD-infused lip balm is creamy but never feels tacky, sticky or greasy. Their NY-grown, full-spectrum CBD blends with natural beeswax for the formula; as well as coconut oil, sweet almond oil and essential oil of spearmint for plenty more nourishment. The rich formula also helps to reduce inflammation in damaged lips.

Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

Colorado-based Veritas Farms’ CBD lip balm provides soothing short-term treatment that won’t dry your lips in the long-term. The full-spectrum hemp oil doesn’t give you a buzz, but your lips will be happy with an all-natural formula that works immediately and deeply. What you will notice is the tropical flavor; the orange cream balm is akin to a frozen sherbet push-pop.