TMA-2 HD Headphones

With ultra-high definition sound, courtesy of bio-diaphragm speaker units that drastically reduce distortion, AIAIAI’s TMA-2 HD headphones deliver unmatched precision. Their Alcantara-wrapped pads are filled with memory foam that retains the wearer’s ear shape, reducing use-related discomfort and the likelihood of headaches. On a full battery, these will last through 16 hours of playback.

Simple, Advanced Happy Ears Earplugs

Blocking out harmful noise without sacrificing sound quality

Stand at a concert in Sweden and you’ll notice that the vast majority of the crowd will pause moments before the band comes onstage to reach into their pockets and retrieve earplugs. Likewise, on the streets, fingers go in ears the moment an emergency vehicle passes. Suffice it to say: Swedes take protecting their hearing very seriously. Swedish brand Happy Ears is a patented earplug …