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Simple, Advanced Happy Ears Earplugs

Blocking out harmful noise without sacrificing sound quality

Stand at a concert in Sweden and you’ll notice that the vast majority of the crowd will pause moments before the band comes onstage to reach into their pockets and retrieve earplugs. Likewise, on the streets, fingers go in ears the moment an emergency vehicle passes. Suffice it to say: Swedes take protecting their hearing very seriously. Swedish brand Happy Ears is a patented earplug solution (now funding on Kickstarter) that stakes claim at being “the world’s best non-custom earplug.” Whether you’re clubbing, working in a noisy environment, sheltering from a shrieking child or simply want some peace, these minimal plugs will protect your hearing without compromising sound quality.

Made from medically-approved materials, CE-certified and allergy-tested, Happy Ears are also reusable. And, despite sounding pretty advanced (as far as the humble earplug goes), they’re reassuringly lo-tech so you’re not going to be kicked in the wallet too much if one takes a wander on the dance floor.

“The noise level in our society is being cranked up every year. City-generated, ambient background and high-volume sounds. This can be stressing and even lead to the development of noise-induced hearing loss and tints,” says Jukka Viitasara, Happy Ears’ design director and partner. He’s also quick to point out that creating these clever little plugs comes not from wanting to destroy sounds altogether, merely to make the enjoyment of noise in all its forms a little more bearable and safer.

Happy Ears—available in three sizes and three colorways—are currently funding on Kickstarter, where pledges start at just $10.

Images courtesy of Happy Ears


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