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A 10-year-old bassist's debut, a track that tells the tale of a fictional bullfrog and more new music

ENNY: Same Old London-born rapper/singer ENNY (aka Enitan Adepitan) ruminates on repetition and the results of gentrification, anxiety and more on “Same Old.” An uplifting instrumental backs the track, which is defiant, but ends with jubilation. “Now we pop champagne in celebration / I’m drugged up on the elation / I got tired of being patient / I saw truth and had to face it …

Los Retros: It’s Got To Be You

Oxnard, California-based funk recording artist Los Retros (aka Mauri Tapia) debuted a laidback, slow-burning love song, “It’s Got To Be You.” Released with an animated video by Lorenzo Mercanti that features a pair of characters dancing, intertwined, until becoming a flower, it’s altogether endearing—with a DIY spirit and vintage feel.

Los Retros: New Humanity

Oxnard, California-based artist Los Retros (aka Mauri Tapia) melds genres, crafting music that exists somewhere between hazy soft rock, jazz fusion, and ’70s psychedelia. “New Humanity”—from his new EP, Everlasting—is no exception. Ethereal, high-pitched vocals offset a deep bass line and gentle percussion, while drifting synths and sirens lend their own allure. Not only a vocalist and instrumentalist, Tapia also produced this track.