Listen Up

A 10-year-old bassist's debut, a track that tells the tale of a fictional bullfrog and more new music

ENNY: Same Old

London-born rapper/singer ENNY (aka Enitan Adepitan) ruminates on repetition and the results of gentrification, anxiety and more on “Same Old.” An uplifting instrumental backs the track, which is defiant, but ends with jubilation. “Now we pop champagne in celebration / I’m drugged up on the elation / I got tired of being patient / I saw truth and had to face it / I knew then that I could make it out,” Adepitan raps.

Aesop Rock: Long Legged Larry

Recording artist Aesop Rock’s new track tells the tale of a fictional bullfrog named Long Legged Larry. Delivered in a cadence reminiscent of a children’s book, the rapper’s verses detail the heroics of his imaginary friend: saving a kitten from a tree, a princess from a tower and a unicycle-riding poodle from its tightrope act. A stop-motion video directed by Rob Shaw depicts the Jeremy Fish-designed character in action, and a corresponding merchandise collection features Larry as a plush toy, on T-shirts, vinyl and more.

Joyce Wrice feat. Freddie Gibbs: On One

Joyce Wrice just released her debut album, Overgrown, which spans piano ballads to pop treasures, and from it comes the sparkly, early 2000s R&B-inspired “On One.” Featuring Freddie Gibbs, the song is positively buoyant, and the video follows suit with Wrice and friends riding bikes and dancing around LA in the sunshine.

Aron feat. Doobie Powell: Never Give Up

10-year-old producer and bassist Aron Hodek taps gospel vocalist Doobie Powell for his debut single, “Never Give Up.” Hodek began covering his favorite tracks for his Instagram followers, while recording longer, more production-focused tutorials on YouTube. “Never Give Up” represents the rising star’s first original record, which was produced and published independently.

Los Retros: It’s Got To Be You

Oxnard, California-based funk recording artist Los Retros (aka Mauri Tapia) debuted a laidback, slow-burning love song, “It’s Got To Be You.” Released with an animated video by Lorenzo Mercanti that features a pair of characters dancing, intertwined, until becoming a flower, it’s altogether endearing—with a DIY spirit and vintage feel.

Bony Man: Hole In The World

The third single from the ensuing debut of Bony Man, a project helmed by Reykjavík-based singer/songwriter Guðlaugur Jón Árnason, “Hole in the World” escalates from the strums of a minimal soundscape to an emotional whirlwind. For the track’s official music video, directed by Nathan Ceddia, a performer strolls, spins and tumbles—forward and backward in time—through Iceland’s bleak wintry landscape.

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