New York Public Library’s Lou Reed Archive

Before NYC rock icon Lou Reed passed away in 2013, he did not give instructions on how to handle the large collection of recordings, photographs, notes and other artifacts from his prolific career. His wife, Laurie Anderson, decided to donate the collection to an institution that would display it for the public—and to “present raw material and let people make up their own minds.” Two …

Andrew Bird + Matt Berninger: Perfect Day (Lou Reed Cover)

From his stunning home performance series “Live From the Great Room,” the multi-talented Andrew Bird partnered with The National’s Matt Berninger for a cover of the Lou Reed classic “Perfect Day.” Between the powerful shared vocals and Bird’s signature whistle and pizzicato violin, the duo lend the track a refreshing sonic recalibration but stay true to the original’s emotional relevance. To be frank: it’s magnificent.

Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson: Halloween Parade

Our brief look at the iconic artist's musical legacy

Lou Reed is survived by his wife, the multifarious artist and musician Laurie Anderson. The pair often performed together, and the holiday-appropriate video of their Parisian performance of “Halloween Parade” showcases their unique collaborative energy. Anderson’s just-published, tear-inducing obituary for Reed elegantly outlines their relationship: “Lou was a prince and a fighter and I know his songs of the pain and beauty in the world …