Macintosh-Inspired Mac

Taking cues from the very first Macintosh computer, German tech site Curved/labs came out with a sleek new design concept for the next Apple iMac. Up front, the new design is heavily influenced by the iMac’s ancestor with the screen, memory card slot and logo placement almost identical, while a side profile view reveals a sleek, slim frame resembling a bent sheet of metal.

Incase MacBook Air Hardshell Case

by Ariston Anderson Normally we wouldn't put a thing on our MacBook Air. It's so light and well…airy. We'd never want to cover up such a perfect piece of design. That is until now. The Incase MacBook Air Hardshell adds a layer of protection to the laptop without compromising on design or functionality. Similar to the The best part of the shell is that it …


Sometimes the obvious choice is the best choice, which is why we love the new manila envelope-based Jump on the hype-wagon and pre-order the AirMail for $30 from the AirMail site to get it when your Air arrives. Also on Cool Hunting: YACHT, FlickrBlockrs