Family Meal Volume 1

From Made In cookware, with contributions from 17 award-winning chefs, comes the unique cookbook Family Meal Volume 1. Within, one finds 15 original recipes to try at home—imagined by the likes of Tom Colicchio, Eric Ripert, Melissa Perello and more. Additionally, 100% of the proceeds from this cookbook benefit the non-profit Future Chefs, which provides teens opportunities in the culinary world.

Chef Matt Horn Previews His Soon-To-Open Oakland Spot, Horn Barbecue

Fresh off a collaboration, Horn discusses Black cooking in America, the importance of the proper tools, and more

Chef Matt Horn’s first foray into feeding the masses was at a farmer’s market in Tracy, California. In the years prior, he mastered BBQ—the techniques, timing, rubs, types of wood and beyond—in his spare time, in his grandmother’s backyard. By the time he was plating brisket, ribs, and the ilk, he was growing confident but admittedly unsure about launching at the market. He began to …

Santoku Knife

Sponsored by Made In

With a 7.125-inch blade, Made In’s new multi-purpose Santoku knives complement standard chef knives. Their unique blade shape, length and edge allow for precision cutting and chopping. As with all of Made In’s premium kitchen knives, the made-in-France Santoku is fully forged and full tang (meaning that it’s crafted from one solid piece of stainless steel). A proprietary NITRO+ hardening treatment guarantees lasting sharpness.