Made In Launches Their New Santoku Knife With A Limited Release

Premium developments for this handy utensil include a new blade shape and uniquely marbled handle

Sponsored by Made In

Limited to 650 numbered pieces—and available only to those who register for its waitlist in advance—Made In’s stunning new Santoku Kitchen Knife pairs the brand’s admired performance attributes with their latest style. This limited release, featuring a handle made from renewable materials, celebrates the addition of the Santoku to the brand’s collection of knives. Artisans in Spain work with a plastic-free bio-resin produced from sugarcane and cornstarch food waste to craft the handles, each of which is unique. The kitchen knife’s new 7.125” blade undergoes the same forging process from a single bar of premium stainless steel, by the same fifth generation kitchen knife makers in France as Made In’s other knives. For you kitchen knife nerds, the blade is made from X50CrMoV15 stainless, which is recognized for its hardness and for holding a blade’s sharpness.

The Santoku kitchen knife joins Made In’s award-winning roster of kitchen knives, stainless clad and blue carbon cookware already used in personal and professional kitchens. Serving several needs, a Santoku-style kitchen knife is made for easy slicing, dicing, mincing and julienning. Its shape, blade angle, size and hand-scalloping also make it easier for slicing sticky proteins or cutting through tough vegetables. Made In hasn’t just produced a beautiful, limited release object; they’ve created a highly-functional and long-lasting tool for both novice and skilled cooks.

Santoku translates to “three virtues” in Japanese and there’s always heated discussion over what those three virtues may be—“meat, fish and vegetables;” “slicing, dicing and chopping;” or “tip, edge and heel.” Made In embraces them all and underscores the dynamic uses for this kitchen knife.

It’s important to note that customers will only have access to the the limited release kitchen knife by signing up for the brand’s waitlist in advance of its 10 March release. When it goes on sale only those who have signed up have the opportunity to purchase one of the 650 unique kitchen knives. Their last limited release—which amassed 5,000 sign-ups to its waitlist—sold out in under four hours.

For those who aren’t drawn to the style or quite ready to add one to their kitchen arsenal, the standard release Santoku will soon follow.

Images courtesy of Made In