Chef John Fraser on Re-Opening Ardor at The West Hollywood EDITION

We discuss how playfulness, nostalgia and simplicity all come together at this thriving restaurant

Walking through the front door of Ardor at The West Hollywood EDITION feels akin to stepping into a lush sanctuary, with fresh, verdant greenery filling the space with romance, tranquility—and a sense of expectation. Michelin-starred chef John Fraser recently re-opened Ardor to share a new menu of vegetable-forward dishes made with local produce and inspired by an array of global flavors. Known for making super-fresh vegetables …

Menu Design in America

With 100+ years of printed menu graphics, Menu Design in America is more than a design book—it’s a big slice of nostalgia. With plenty of information by design writer Steven Heller and culinary historian John Mariani, the pages offer a plethora of history surrounding the culinary and graphic arts. Whether the creations are classy, kitsch or somewhere between, they each add value to the rich catalogue.

Gillette Clear Gel’s No Sweat Test Thanksgiving

Staying dry from start to finish, while delivering a holiday extravaganza for 30 people


When considering what we think of as a powerful deodorant, one’s mind often envisions sports or other high-endurance scenarios where physicality triggers perspiration. But, with stress and heat as stimulants for sweat, there’s no better place to test out a deodorant than while prepping and executing a holiday party for 30 people—for the first time ever. From preheating the oven to ushering out guests (ultimately …