“& the future is now” Tote Bag

From queer-owned Femme Forte, this tote bag displays the accurate slogan “the future of feminism is trans-inclusive,” both forward and as a mirror image. Printed on 100% organic cotton, it’s made ethically in a process that’s wind- and solar-powered. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from each sale is donated to Mermaids, an organization focused on supporting trans and gender-diverse kids. Price is in Pounds.

Hello! Selfie Miami

Like a real-life Tumblr page, artist, author and feminist Kate Durbin created “Hello!Selfie Miami,” a performance piece that occurred last week during Miami Art Week. The response to a man’s attack on Durbin’s piece about teen girls’s selfies manifested in a bunch of young women—dressed as mermaids and covered in Hello Kitty stickers—taking selfies for hours on end, with no interaction with their audience. Durbin …

Conventional Wisdom: Merfest

Photographer Arthur Drooker joins over 300 mermaids and mermen in North Carolina

Among the many wondrous gatherings we’ve explored in our Conventional Wisdom series—a trek through unique conventions across the US with photographer Arthur Drooker, as he prepares for a photography book on the subject—nothing is quite like Merfest. This costumed celebration of the mythological mermaid is run by the NC Merfolk, a group that swims together as merfolk three times a week. The Triangle Aquatic Center …