Cool Hunting Video: Fferrone Design

From glassware to home furnishings, one of Chicago's premiere design firms branches out

Presented by The Macallan

Recently, we asked Felicia Ferrone of Fferrone Design for a hand in a project designing custom glassware for The Macallan Rare Cask whisky. In collaboration with Gentner Design, the duo created stunning custom glassware—as well as a special carrying tray. Ferrone, known for elegant and disruptive glassware, has since expanded to design a full line of furniture and other housewares. We paid her a visit …

Joris Laarman Lab: Bits and Crafts

Digitally fabricated and designed furniture that blends the experimental with the practical

There’s a downpour falling in Chelsea—Manhattan’s west side neighborhood where galleries outnumber bodegas—a ceaseless opening of the skies, the kind that New Yorkers refuse to adapt to. Outside the Friedman Benda gallery, Amsterdam-based Joris Laarman‘s precision-built, technologically produced series of furniture is being carefully transported indoors. Many of the intricate pieces were printed and assembled in Laarman’s studio (or perhaps more accurately, lab) just weeks …

Cool Hunting Video: Horse Cycles

A Williamsburg company that builds custom bikes to last a lifetime

Thomas Callahan, owner of Horse Cycles, invited CH to his Williamsburg workshop to show us around and explain a little about his impressive craft. A sculpture major in art school, Callahan had a knack for fixing his friends’ bikes—and that hobby quickly shifted into a career building bikes from scratch. Callahan’s intention is creating the perfect sized bike for a customer; encouraging the new owner …