Harissa Crackers

New York Shuk teamed up with Hayden Flour Mills to put a vibrant spin on the humble cracker. Combining Hayden Flour’s high-quality, white sonora wheat with the market’s authentic and experienced palate for Middle Eastern flavors, the Harissa Crackers make for an organic and elevated snack. Packed with savory seasoning and a more complex taste profile, these vegan crackers deliver a touch of flair.

Farah Al Qasimi’s Public Photography Exhibition, “Back and Forth Disco”

On display in 18 NYC neighborhoods, a celebration of rich and unique cultures

Abu Dhabi-born, New York-based photographer Farah Al Qasimi‘s newest exhibition, Back and Forth Disco, presents itself in the unremarkable nooks and crannies of the city, offering visual stimuli to those waiting at or passing by 100 public bus stops. NYC’s Public Art Fund commissioned the 17 new works, and installed the pieces in pairs across the five boroughs. They embody Al Qasimi’s recognizable style and aim …

Jago Restaurant East London

Ashkenazi heritage meets Middle Eastern flair at Louis Solley's new restaurant at the Second Home tech incubator

by Ananda Pellerin Anyone who attended a progressive primary school in the 1970s will feel nostalgic walking into Second Home’s optimistic interior. The multipurpose workspace, housed in a former carpet factory off of London’s Brick Lane, is a low-ceilinged affair full of orange and spring green walls, rooms with peek-around windows and no straight lines. Over a thousand houseplants are dotted around the two floors. …