Milan Design Week 2017: Studiopepe’s “The Visit”

An exhibition addressing the intimacy of interior design

How do we offer access and exclusivity through design at the same time? How do we maintain intimacy in the age of social media? These are questions that seem to have yielded one of our favorite projects at Milan Design Week this year; “The Visit” by Studiopepe. Set inside the Brera Design Apartment, a private space of multiple identities in the heart of Brera (one …

Interview: Multimedia Artist Yuri Suzuki

The talented creative discusses his immersive installation for Audi during Milan Design Week 2017

Sponsored by Audi

One of the more powerful installations at Milan Design Week 2017 was London-based multimedia artist Yuri Suzuki’s

Milano Design Award 2017: Winning Installations

Abstract, colorful and immersive, the best pieces from design week

Each year, after visiting Milan Design Week, everybody wants to discuss their own list of favorites. A few years ago Elita had the idea of turning the gatherings of designers and friends that used to happen at Valentina Ventrelli’s home into a real award. Milano Design Award is, to date, the only of its kind devoted to celebrating the best installations of the Fuorisalone, otherwise …