“In The Garden” Candle

Oh, James candles are made from non-GMO, natural soy and feature a 100% cotton wick. The scents are formulated using natural fragrances and essential oils—all inspired by certain places. This one, called “In The Garden,” conjures up ripe tomatoes and fresh mint. The candle promises some 35 to 40 hours of burn-time—and a house scented like a fresh garden. Price is in Pounds.

Nextbit + AIAIAI TMA-2 Headphones

The minimal, all-black matte accessory boasts one playful pop of color

Android smartphone-makers Nextbit have partnered with Copenhagen’s AIAIAI for a special edition pair of headphones to befit its exceptional “cloud-first” phone, Robin. The recently released Nextbit + AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones boast a neodymium speaker that offers super-crisp, robust sound that delivers—whether you’re listening to an old recording of an ’80s Italo-disco track or Rihanna’s ANTI. Bass is punchy and dense but not overpowering, and unless …

Autochrome Knitted Hugs

Signe Emdal calls her triangular scarves “hugs” because that’s what they feel like when the pale shades of merino wool are wrapped around your neck. Each is knitted with a muted pattern inspired by the first user-friendly color photography technique called Autochromes, and can be fastened with handy little loops like a warm embrace.