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Nextbit + AIAIAI TMA-2 Headphones

The minimal, all-black matte accessory boasts one playful pop of color

Android smartphone-makers Nextbit have partnered with Copenhagen’s AIAIAI for a special edition pair of headphones to befit its exceptional “cloud-first” phone, Robin. The recently released Nextbit + AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones boast a neodymium speaker that offers super-crisp, robust sound that delivers—whether you’re listening to an old recording of an ’80s Italo-disco track or Rihanna’s ANTI. Bass is punchy and dense but not overpowering, and unless you have your volume at a deafening level, your desk-mates and fellow subway riders won’t hear your guilty pleasure playlist.

While the over-ear earpads are not leather (they’re made of PU), they are incredibly plush and comfortable. With very little pressure applied to your ears, the headphones can be worn for hours—even if you’re wearing glasses—without becoming achy or sore. Just like AIAIAI’s original TMA-2 headphones, the collaboration pair is easily set up, minimal in design and comes in a matte all-black colorway—save for the mint-colored cable, the same hue as the Robin. The bright pop of color is a welcome addition and takes nothing away from the sophisticated design. The cable also features a microphone and one button for skipping songs and stopping the music, but for volume control, you’ll have to reach for the device. Like any other TMA-2 headphone, this pair preserves its modular functionality and can have its parts (speaker units, headband, etc) swapped out.

The Nextbit + AIAIAI TMA-2 headphones are available for purchase online for $225. Nextbit’s successfully Kickstarted Robin phone has now launched on Amazon for $399, in mint or midnight colorways.

Images by Kevin Serai


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