JK500 Artist Edition Watch

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Atari, the creative platform Misfit tapped acclaimed artist JK5 (aka Joseph Ari Aloi) to imagine the dial for a limited edition wristwatch inspired by the beloved gaming console. Only 500 pieces of the 42mm quartz watch have been produced. Each also features a custom commemorative caseback.

Misft Debuts the Phase Hybrid Smartwatch

Analog wristwatch design with advanced activity-tracking functionality

Plenty of companies in the wearable tech world have shied away from embracing traditional watch design in lieu of bands, bracelets or necklaces. As a relatively new product category—in the grand scheme of things—it’s allowed for a clean slate of design sensibilities. And then, a substantial number of brands both in the watch world (like Nixon) and outside of it (Apple and Google) have attempted …