The Chemical Brothers feat. Beck: Wide Open

Building upon the thoughtful, at times haunting vocals we’ve come to expect from Beck, The Chemical Brothers’ track “Wide Open” from 2015’s Born In The Echoes delivers potent melody. The newly released accompanying music video makes a statement of its own. What commences as a beautiful dance performance by ballerina Sonoya Mizuno shifts into a surreal, science fiction-like art piece, shot all in one take.

Studio Visit: Balint Zsako

The Brooklyn artist's vocabulary of universal symbols speaks to common human encounters

Balint Zsako, whose work first caught our eye in 2007, disrupts the language of Old Master painting, with a vocabulary of modern symbolism and technique. In his view, “Everything changes, it’s important to have things of your own time.” Several lamps surround the Brooklyn-based artist’s work surface, the most prominent light enters through a street-facing window. The studio is otherwise lined in shelves, stocked with …

Interview: Takehiro Ueyama of TAKE Dance

The baseballer-turned-choreographer on the role of dance within the art world

For over eight years, Takehiro Ueyama has brought athleticism and physicality to an oft-overlooked art form. The Japanese-American choreographer, creative director and founder of TAKE Dance (pronounced “tah-keh”)—a New York-based, world-traveling contemporary dance company—is leading a campaign to revitalize the dance world. The former baseball player and Juilliard-trained dancer takes a sensitive, yet visceral and deeply thought-provoking approach to his work. Within any given piece, …