Modern Rocking Chair

Leaving the mechanics intact, J Rusten updated the traditional rocking chair silhouette with an oversized, slightly more free-form structure. Maple cantilevered rungs make up the frame, with a bent walnut base to rest your arms.

Beolit 12

A redesign rendering an already-sleek portable radio even more effortless, Bang & Olufsen’s iPhone-compatible Beolit 12 is a handsome take on the Danish brand’s iconic Beolit Transistor Radio from the 1960s. A leather carrying strap lends a humble air to the modern, dent-resistant speaker, which works wirelessly with AirPlay or plugged in via mini jack or USB.


Graphic designer, Mike Joyce combines his love of music with Swiss modernism in this series of redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers that delightfully play with type and color.