Jig and Crown

Massproductions pack a colorfully modern punch with the bold lines of two new chairs


The new Jig chair by Massproductions in Stockholm is, in a word, beautiful. Absolutely poised in its form and slightly odd colorways, it’s the work of English designer Chris Martin (who founded Massproductions with his design partner Magnus Elebäck). Where most designers would opt for accents and poppy colors on the upholstery itself (reserving subtle neutrals for the frame), Massproduction takes the opposite route here, giving the frame, seat and backrest splashes of contrasting colors to emphasize the shapes.

JIG_08_lime-pink.jpg JIG_06_blue-green.jpg

Jig, which takes its name from contraptions used to hold tubes together prior to welding, is part of the company’s third collection and the first to use upholstery, following the gleaming acclaim the first two earned with their advanced attention to detail.

CROWN_01_blue.jpg CROWN_04_tan.jpg

Part of this third gathering of products, the eye-catching Crown armchair and its easy-chair variant are in fact completely covered in fabric. Its devious form, both heavy-looking but at the same time light, gets its balance from the clever use of negative space blocked with wide expanses of flat color. Cunningly specced in a heavy-duty woolen, stretch textile minimizes ugly, heavy seaming.

When the duo first emerged, its Tio chair was given the “Modern Classic” tag almost straightaway, and earn it again here with Jig and Crown.