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Herbarium Body Lotion


Created by multidisciplinary design brand FRAMA in collaboration with South Korean creative studio Be My Guest, the Herbarium Body Lotion is a fast-absorbing and long-lasting moisturizer that promotes cell renewal. Its bevy …

by Humankind

Hand Soap and Dish


To limit single-use plastic, the brand by Humankind delivers their rich, concentrated hand soap—which comes in tea tree, grapefruit or lavender—with an accompanying bacteria- and mold-resistant dish. Your first order will arrive …

Blüh Alchemy

Plant-Based Botanic-Retinol Concentrate


Employing a plant-based alternative to Retinol called Bakuchiol, Blüh Alchemy botanic concentrate increases the body’s collagen production, making the skin tighter, firmer and smoother—without the side effects from the traditional chemical concentrate. …

June Oils

CBD Facial Oil


Infused with 150mg of organically grown, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, June’s facial oil actually comprises 13 all-natural plant oils—camellia japonica oil, the extract of a winter rose, sourced from Japan included. To apply, …