Lumio Book Lamp

Designed by Max Gunawan, the Lumio Book Lamp combines a fascination for origami and flexible lighting solutions, resulting in a charming piece. When closed, the Lumio resembles a book bound in laser-cut wood, but when opened, the book transforms into a sculptural light—and it’s variability doesn’t end there. Neodymium magnets hidden within the book covers enable the lamp to stand at an expanded 180 degrees, …

Jumping Point Calendar

Made in Germany, the 2022 Jumping Point Calendar displays the days of month vertically. Punching out each date—daily—reveals a vibrant color beneath. Measuring 38 by 14 inches, this whimsical and eye-catching calendar organizes the year in bright, light-hearted hues.

MoMA Two-Tone Borosilicate Glass Straws

This set of six two-tone straws makes for a practical gift or a party favor—guests can drink through them at dinner, and then take one home for future use. Made from true-colored borosilicate glass, the color combinations include yellow with pink, green with blue and lilac with orange. These hues inject a little levity into a practical, easy-to-clean product.