Mothers and Daughters Around the World

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, to celebrate, The Huffington Post has published 15 photos of mothers and daughters from around the world. Though the women in the images are different—be it because of race, religion, age or occupation—it’s clear that from Somalia to America, Tokyo to Toronto, the bond between mothers and daughters is universal.


Baby blankets inspired by the traditional Indian godhri, a safe and comfortable way to securely hold newborns

The “godee” from MeLuvKush is a modern-day redesign of the traditional Indian godhri, used to snugly envelop newborns and purportedly prevent germs from spreading. This eases a parent’s concerns when giving the baby to others to hold, for those moments when you realize your aunt hasn’t washed her hands after petting the dog. Without any context, the brand’s name caused some titters at CH HQ, …

Care (About You) Package

Show mom some love with a thoughtful gift pack handcrafted by a trio of warmhearted women

In celebration of “amazing mamas” in their lives, three crafty friends recently collaborated on a lovely gift that’s perfect for any loved one deserving of a treat. The Care (About You) Package, designed to pamper on Mother’s Day, takes care of the thoughtfulness for you with relaxing herbal bath sachets, massage oil and a hand-drawn illustration. The trio behind the warmhearted bundle, all women-helmed small …