Brooklyn Tote

West Brooklyn Waterfront Mutual Aid and Gowanus Mutual Aid partnered with GrowNYC to create a community-supported agriculture program that provides fresh produce to those in Brooklyn who need it. This tote, featuring a logo of the borough designed by Brooklyn-based artist Jessie Smith, supports the initiative, with each purchase funding one week of food for a family.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Virtual visits into space, a guide to this year's Milan Design Week, the new Black Film Archive and more from around the web

“Women For Life On Earth” Redefined Protesting With Beauty + Banners When 20-foot-long missiles moved into the Greenham Common Air Force base in the 1980s, it was the last straw for a group of women in England and Wales. Thus, the collective Women For Life On Earth was born—and soon set out on a 110-mile march to Greenham, renouncing war and violence. Almost immediately, the …

11 Ways to Support Travel, Hospitality and Domestic Workers

From the onset of the global pandemic, many individuals with the financial capabilities to do so have donated to various organizations and local mutual aid initiatives. Still, countless industries continue to suffer. Two of the hardest hit remain hospitality and tourism—which go hand in hand. Here Magazine has a list of 11 ways to support travel, hospitality and domestic workers without traveling or dining out. From …