Ridge Vase

Designed by Helsinki-based Studio Kaksikko, Muuto’s aptly named Ridge Vase is a tall, slender vessel wrapped in a refined ridged texture and featuring a subtle accent dent that prevents flowers within from shifting. The functional earthenware vase stands 19 inches tall, allowing it to emphasize blooms in floral presentations.

Google’s “A Space for Being” at Milan Design Week

A personalized, quantified and visualized take on the individuality of how design makes us feel

Last year at Design Week in Milan, Google made its debut as a design company when it presented Softwear. Helmed by Ivy Ross, the technology brand has since gained respect and traction for thoughtfully designing physical products that maximize their software prowess. Warmer materials, softer forms and a more sophisticated color palette all contribute to the more humanized Google Home suite of devices, as well …