2021 La Loba

Named for the mythical bone-collecting wolf woman, La Loba—a story that originated with indigenous peoples of northern Mexico and southwestern United States—this wine from Tank Garage features artwork of a woman with a snarling wolf’s head. Inside the bottle is a blend of 45% Chenin Blanc, 44% Petit Manseng, 10% Bianchetta Trevigiana and 1% Orange Muscat—all from the mineral-rich terroir of El Dorado County. With …

Mami Wata’s Proudly African Surf Apparel is Revolutionizing The Surf Industry

Incorporating folklore and sayings from Indigenous communities, Mami Wata's striking patterns capture the undeniable spirit of Africa

Mami Wata (meaning “mama water” in West African pidgin English) is a guardian water spirit, venerated throughout Africa. Legend has it that those she takes as her lovers return to land more beautiful and successful than before—a fitting lore for the surf apparel brand that is not only named after the spirit, but whose garments, embodying African traditions and cultures, crowned the surf label as …

What We See in the Stars

Beautifully illustrated by artist Kelsey Oseid, the new hardcover “What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky” explores the long-lasting human fascination with outer space. From identifying and explaining the constellations to myths, stories, science and more, the book contains 100+ hand-painted images. For kids and adults alike, it’s a delightful trip into the cosmos.