Tidepool Towel

Incorporating a pattern by Indianapolis-based artist and musician Nathaniel Russell, this Tidepool towel (from Mollusk Surf Shop) is made in California from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. With a decidedly ’60s aesthetic, this floral pattern—with its gold and orange hues—evokes a retro surf vibe.

Drawn To Music Sketchpad

Create your own album art while singing along to your favorite tunes

Music can inspire many things, but it undoubtedly serves as a massive stimulus for creativity. Indiana-based artist and “music aficionado” Nathaniel Russell taps into their synonymous nature through “Drawn To Music,” a square sketchpad appropriately packaged as a hardcover record sleeve. Each of the 50 blank pages has a space to jot down what song you listened to while the artistic vibes were flowing and, …