Drawn To Music Sketchpad

Create your own album art while singing along to your favorite tunes


Music can inspire many things, but it undoubtedly serves as a massive stimulus for creativity. Indiana-based artist and “music aficionado” Nathaniel Russell taps into their synonymous nature through “Drawn To Music,” a square sketchpad appropriately packaged as a hardcover record sleeve. Each of the 50 blank pages has a space to jot down what song you listened to while the artistic vibes were flowing and, once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can cleanly tear the page off, frame it and start anew.

All you need is a box of crayons—or professional pens, depending on your skills and interests—and some solid tunes, and you’re set to become the mastermind behind of all your favorite bands’ album covers.

Pick up “Drawn To Music” online from Plumb Goods, where it sells for $20.