An Interview With The New Yorker’s Ed Steed

For an interview several years in the making, Lucy Bourton at It’s Nice That finally got in contact with one of her favorite cartoonists for The New Yorker, Ed Steed. Formerly an architect, Steed became a professional cartoonist after sending several ideas to the publication—a process which remains essentially the same, even as a regular contributor. Blending politics, humor and art into something accessible and …

The Not Yorker

Launched last month, website The Not Yorker was created by three illustrators in order to give rejected New Yorker covers a second chance. The aim is to be a museum-style site, celebrating those covers that didn’t quite make the cut, as Brooklyn-based illustrator Jack Dylan (and site co-founder) tells Artsy, “A repository of runner-ups, because there just aren’t enough first prizes to go around.” While …

Bora Wear Belts

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Established to pay homage to his native Kenya through designs and support local artisans through manufacturing initiatives, Mugo Muna’s Bora Wear is now on Kickstarter. The latest project involves belts, handmade in Kenya of local leathers and individually molded, cast metal buckles. Check the crowdfunding campaign to support the project.