An Interview With The New Yorker’s Ed Steed

For an interview several years in the making, Lucy Bourton at It’s Nice That finally got in contact with one of her favorite cartoonists for The New Yorker, Ed Steed. Formerly an architect, Steed became a professional cartoonist after sending several ideas to the publication—a process which remains essentially the same, even as a regular contributor. Blending politics, humor and art into something accessible and timely, cartoonists have a difficult job, but as Steed explains, “I’m not really trying to be funny, I’m trying to come up with good jokes, which is a bit different.” But once that punchline is crafted, he says, “The feeling is relief. Relief that you’ve found a joke, that you did your job, so you’re still a cartoonist. If you can’t think of any more jokes, you have to find a different job.” Read the full interview at It’s Nice That.