Polaris Plates

Made in Serbia using European enamelware and steel, Best Made Company’s limited edition Polaris Plates “celebrate the mystery of the night sky.” The front side’s illustration, by Ross MacDonald, depicts the night sky’s constellations and proves to be an accurate guide for when you’re eating under the stars. The plates come in sets of two and can withstand both campfire heat and dishwashers.

Dream Nighttime Favorites Set

With products that forgo harsh chemicals and irritants, REN Skincare’s DREAM Set makes for an eco-friendly, natural nightly routine. The set includes Rosa Centifolia No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm, V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream, and (our favorite) & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray—a concoction that uses frankincense and lavender to help you relax and hopefully drift to sleep.

Sugoi’s Waterproof and Reflective Zap Fabric

The performance apparel brand's collection for riding and running in grisly conditions

Like so many successful companies, SUGOI was born from necessity. The brand was founded by David Hollands and Carol Prantner—Hollands was an endurance athlete trying to find better bike shorts, while Prantner worked in the fashion industry. Hollands’ search sent him to Japan to look for the highest performing, most “awesome” fabrics—the adjective translates to “sugoi” in Japanese. His search soon became well-known and merchants …