CH Gift Guide: The Insomniac

Lucid dreaming masks, handwoven hammocks, booze and more to help your favorite night owl get some rest

Garbage trucks, construction noise, emergency emails from the boss, unbearably sweltering summers and freezing winters, constant traveling for work—even if you don’t suffer from chronic insomnia, getting a good, restful night of sleep these days feels like a rare occurrence. What could be more thoughtful than offering the gift of sleep to loved ones in need of a little TLC? To help, we’ve pulled a selection of thoughtful items from our completely redesigned 2013 Cool Hunting Gift Guide that are sure to bring on the zzZZZs.

headache-balm-anatomicals-gg1.jpg remee-lucid-dreaming-1.jpg
Headache Relief Balm

Migraine be gone! From the British company whose tongue-in-cheek marketing proclaims that they “only want you for your body” and refuses to test on animals is this aromatic headache balm from Anatomicals. Made from a soothing mix of natural ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil and rose hip extract, “Oi! You Throbhead” salve is a holistic answer to reaching for the acetaminophen. Just a few dabs will vanquish the throbbing brain pain away from your cranium and back to its special place in hell. $7

Lucid Dreaming Mask

On average, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Therefore, any investment in a better sleep experience—be it high thread count sheets or bank-breaking beds—is completely acceptable. Yet, no matter how wonderful our down pillows may be, a bad nightmare really sends the whole experience down the drain. Welcome, a dreamcatcher for a new millennium. Designed by Remee, this robotic, LED-flashing eye mask guarantees the wearer more lucid dreams—that is, the ability to understand that you are dreaming while in the dreaming state, to take some control and fully relax. $95

elder-statesman-panelled-cashmere-blanket.jpg yellowleadhammock-gg.jpg
Paneled Cashmere Blanket

Enjoy the coziness of your favorite cashmere sweater from the confines of your couch with The Elder Statesman’s extremely soft, knitted cashmere blanket. The LA-based atelier uses a laborious hand-dying process to ensure this luxurious investment piece becomes an heirloom to be cherished for years to come. $4,989

Vineyard Haven Hammock

Slip into one of Yellow Leaf’s high-quality hammock, handwoven by artisans in rural northern Thailand using yarn that’s almost as soft as cashmere—which also repels mildew and mold, is fade-proof and guaranteed to not fall apart. Know that your afternoon nap will make an impact: Yellow Leaf is a social entreprise dedicated to fostering sustainable economic development for its weavers and their families. $179

FriendsWithYouPsychicStone-gg.jpg CuboluceLamp-gg.jpg
Psychic Stone (Evil Expel)

FriendsWithYou’s psychic stones are magical sculptures tailored to the owner’s deepest wishes and desires. Create a customized extra-sensory miracle-worker through a consultation with the artists, who use an experiential process to permeate the stone with personalized spiritual vibes. Stunning works of art, these pieces display a frozen moment of magical mysticism and ward off evil vibes—for a peaceful night of sleep, in this case. $800

Cuboluce Lamp

Swap out out the harsh overhead lighting for something a little more subtle that’s easy to turn off without having to get up from the bed. The Cubuloce Lamp opens to reveal reflective interior illumination and a little bit of mystery. We will all be peering in to behold the gleaming contents of this brilliant box, originally designed in 1972 by Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi for the label Cini & Nils and reissued from the MoMA store today. A special item with the perfect amount of subtle intrigue to accent any modern space. $145

highland-park-15.jpg mountain-woman-tea.jpg
Highland Park 15

You’d be hard pressed to find a single malt as smooth and light, with such complexity. Aged in mostly American oak sherry casks for at least 15 years which result in a citrus finish, Highland Park 15 is rich, for beginners and experts alike, and easily drinkable. With the ability to open up with a bit of water, it also lends itself to the perfect hot toddy. $62

Mountain Woman Tea

This unique blend of lemon balm, oats, nettle, damiana, chamomile and peppermint fuse with hot water to create a soothing and tasty concoction as a great pick-me-up for any time of the day, and works to calm down nerves and warms up the body. Also stocked at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Mountain Woman Tea is blended by Brooklyn-based herbalist and natural beauty advocate Jessa Blades whose mission is to spread consciousness about simple and healthy living. $15