Eley Kishimoto Flash Arm Covers

From London-based fashion and design brand Eley Kishimoto’s collaboration with UK-based Japanese gardening outfit Niwaki, these arm covers utilize the former’s inspiring, electric “Flash” pattern. Ideal for gardening (or crafting), these covers—made from 16-ounce canvas—act as a protective set of sleeves. To enhance functionality, they incorporate an elasticated top and ribbed cuffs.

Crean Mate Rust Eraser + Tool Cleaner

Made in Japan, Niwaki’s scouring block is ideal for cleaning rust, resin and grime from blades, particularly secateurs, shears and knives. This easy-to-use tool works with just a few drops of water, but can be better supported by Niwaki’s Camellia Oil, which helps keep blades sharper for longer. Simply add the water or oil to a blade and scrub with the Crean Mate as if …

Gift Guide: Summer Garden

Self-watering systems, tool cleaning equipment, handmade planters and more

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of maintaining a lush jungle at home—whether you have acres of land or a one-room apartment. During the hotter months, it’s especially important to focus on your plants—keeping in mind not to hydrate them after dark (hot, humid nights can lead to fungal development), avoiding repotting during a heatwave or setting up a watering system when you go away …