Crib Mattress

Organic and hypoallergenic, Nook’s crib mattress checks the natural box with materials like coconut and eucalyptus but takes it a step further with other innovative features. Using NanoSphere-dipped fabric, the mattress cover is virtually waterproof (liquids pill off) and eliminates the need for an additional cover. The result, combined with the firm mattress, is a safer sleep surface so that little ones rest better.

The New Yorker NOOK HD Cover

Dress your Nook HD up in a classic cover from The New Yorker. Each of the images, exclusive to B&N, is printed on durable cotton canvas and features a suede interior lining.

Nook HD and HD+

Two updated tablets focused on content consumption

Announced today, Barnes & Noble has updated the popular Nook tablet with HD and HD+ versions. Unlike competitors like the Kindle Fire or iPad, the new generation of Nooks are offered strictly as content consumption devices; while users can peruse books, music, magazines and movies, you won’t find a camera on the Nook HD or HD+, and that’s all part of the plan. The Nook …