Normann Copenhagen Tea

Loose-leaf tea from the Danish design house with packaging by designer Anne Lehmann

Best known for their smart, minimal home furnishings, Denmark’s Normann Copenhagen recently took a step into the drinkable design category with the introduction of a line of 12 teas. Contained in colorful, reusable tins with graphics by designer Anne Lehmann, the loose-leaf teas are a fun addition to the brand’s sometimes quirky repertoire. We had the pleasure of sampling two of the teas to be …

Block Table

Clean lines and minimal materials make up the Normann Copenhagen Block Table, which also doubles as a handy bar cart.

Tea Egg

Steep your morning tea with this elegantly simple solution to loose leaf by the makers at Normann Copenhagen. Selling in a range of colors, these tea infusers also keep track of which cup is yours.