Normann Copenhagen Tea

Loose-leaf tea from the Danish design house with packaging by designer Anne Lehmann


Best known for their smart, minimal home furnishings, Denmark’s Normann Copenhagen recently took a step into the drinkable design category with the introduction of a line of 12 teas. Contained in colorful, reusable tins with graphics by designer Anne Lehmann, the loose-leaf teas are a fun addition to the brand’s sometimes quirky repertoire. We had the pleasure of sampling two of the teas to be introduced: Mint Caramel Tea and White Tea with pomegranate, cranberry and bamboo.


While the two teas seem to stand on opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of packaging and taste, they both emitted a much stronger smell than flavor—which was actually favorable. While the Mint Caramel Tea’s strong smell seemed reminiscent of wintertime, the toffee-like flavor was mild and pleasant—with just the right amount of minty aftertaste. A tad mellower in color and taste, the White Tea held a floral, almost sugary smell, but tasted much more earthy and much less sweet.

Both have their merits, but the White Tea’s modest flavor, nice aroma and loud packaging were standouts. Find these flavors, along with 10 others from Huset Shop online for $23 per 125 gram container.

Images by Graham Hiemstra