Deep Sea vs Deep Space

Earth’s vast oceans have forever fascinated, but since the mid-20th century afforded people trips into space, the cosmos have dominated our desire to voyage. We know more about (and have created better maps for navigating) space than our oceans. In fact, a remarkable 95% of the sea remains undiscovered by humans. To save our oceans, we must reignite public interest in it: our stories, films, …

Adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP: the Brand’s First-Ever 100% Recyclable Sneakers

An incredible innovation, these sneakers aim to nudge consumers toward more eco-conscious products

Furthering the brand’s commitment to environmental friendliness, adidas unveils the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP, the brand’s first-ever 100% recyclable performance-level sneakers. For more than a decade, the brand has researched and tested ways to create sneakers and other sportswear made to regress into raw material and reincarnated as a new pair of shoes or a different product entirely. Today’s unveiling is not only a hallmark in material innovation, …

Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ambassador of the Oceans

Despite all our devastating environmental mistakes, the explorer and educator refuses to give up

“Diversity is synonymous with stability.”