Dream Cream

Designed to offer comfort—whether that’s through ache and pain relief, skin replenishment or anti-inflammation capabilities—wellness proprietor oHHo’s rich Dream Cream pairs 1200mg of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD with luscious lavender, neroli, bergamot and citrus fruits. The blend features only all-natural ingredients. Further, its aluminum tube is entirely recyclable.

Dissecting the Profiles of oHHo’s Three Full Spectrum CBD Oils

The brand's co-founder explains advancements in production methods, flavor profiles and dosage levels

In the gold rush around CBD, products are plentiful but facts can be scarce. Two components of radical transparency set New York-based oHHo apart. First, the brand employs the cleanest components available (using only hemp extract and MCT oil), unlike peers that continue to ramp up to industrial levels. Second, they craft three full-spectrum CBD tinctures that each utilize extract from one specific growing region …