Lyft Launches Open-Source Design Tool

Most of the world’s largest companies protect their patents, data and design tools at all costs. But, as coding and design careers become increasingly coveted in today’s market, more people are interested in mastering (or at least brushing up on) the tools and techniques of the trade. A handful of larger companies have decided to go open-source with some of their internal tools, and Lyft …

Molecular Flipbook

A free, open source 3D animation toolkit designed for and by scientists

Janet Iwasa isn’t the average biochemistry researcher. Frustrated by inadequate drawings representing the work she and her fellow scientists were doing, she felt there was a better way. Though she had no background in art or animation, Iwasa saw the toolset as a means to better create more accurate renderings for scientists and lay people alike. The only drawback was the complexity of the software …

NIGO For Uniqlo

A million lines of code, an air pollution vacuum, NIGO for Uniqlo UT and more in our weekly look at the web

Japanese designer and streetwear pioneer NIGO recently called it quits with his beloved brainchild A Bathing Ape (BAPE), and now he’s leading the charge with another Japanese outlet. The cutting-edge entrepreneur has been appointed Creative Director of Uniqlo UT, the clothier’s limited edition line. With NIGO’s decades of experience and such a unique artistic vision, the possibilities for upcoming offerings are endless and highly anticipated.