With 50 to 70 hours of burn time, the INCEPTION candle from Brooklyn-based candle brand yasaf, lit provides plenty of tranquil vibes. Made with palo santo and sage, the candle boasts calming and restorative attributes and is finished with notes of cypress. Featuring an eco-friendly wooden wick, this candle is vegan and cruelty-free.

Sustainably Harvested Palo Santo

Each of the four to six sticks per box in Sounds’ Sustainably Harvested Palo Santo set have been collected and split (into four- to five-inch pieces) from naturally fallen trees in Ecuador and Peru’s dry forests. The NY-based, woman-owned brand donates 30% of the profits from the palo santo’s sale to a rotating list of non-profit organizations.

Ecuadorian Palo Santo Oil

Now, perhaps more than ever, the healing and purification attributes of Palo Santo are being embraced by people all over the world. This particular oil is 100% pure and wildcrafted from trees native to Ecuador—one of the South American countries where it’s indigenous. While burning Palo Santo wood is cleansing and often ceremonial, in oil form it has more versatile uses—from healing to meditation and …