Pancake Mix

Since 1990, Bubby’s (located in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood) has been serving up American comfort food classics like homemade pies, scones and biscuits. One of the restaurant’s best-loved dishes are their pancakes, inspired by a recipe from legendary American chef James Beard. These light, fluffy creations can now be whipped up at home thanks to their pancake mix—which comes with meticulous, but simple, instructions. Thanks to …

Breakfast Tote

Tucked inside a Haven’s Kitchen Tote Bag are the essentials for a delicious breakfast—ingredients for buckwheat pancakes to be topped with the Amber Syrup from Frontier Maple Sugarworks, plus La Colombe Coffee and Haven’s homemade granola mix. Not only will your breakfast taste great, the fragrance in the kitchen promises to be irresistible.

Infused, Smoked and Barrel-Aged Runamok Maple Syrups

The independent Vermont producer's classic taste and charming variations

Adding “flavors” does not necessarily improve a product (as we all may have learned from the vodka industry). And true maple syrup lovers know that nothing more is needed than the golden-hued goodness itself. Fortunately, Runamok Maple‘s premiere product, known as Sugarmaker’s Cut, is a premium, pure organic syrup that just so happens to marry well with a myriad of clever and complementary tastes. The …