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Brain Dead

Patchwork Military Field Shirt Jacket


From Brain Dead, a collective of artists and creatives from around the world who share a love of post-punk and skateboarding, comes the Patchwork Military Field Shirt Jacket. This jacket (available in …

Thomas Pink

Limited Edition Patchwork Shirt


Made in the Thomas Pink workshop in London’s Vauxhall neighborhood, the limited-edition Patchwork collection brings together surplus fabrics (reducing waste in the process). These 100% cotton shirts, in relaxed silhouettes, play upon the …

Vintage Patched Boro Kimono


Sri Threads is one of NYC’s hidden gems: a boutique collection of rare Japanese and Indian textiles inside an apartment building in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. This boro kimono dates back to the …

Patchwork Pocket Socks


Named after Japan’s denim capital, Kapital blends American workwear tradition with modern Japanese trends. For their latest collection, the Tokyo-based brand has released these hypnotizing Patchwork Pocket Socks, that—aside from being a …

Read Style


Dawn Yanagihara and Katsu Tanaka's handcrafted accessories, made with antique Japanese textiles