Franc Bakon Patchwork Denim Jackets

Hand-sewn pieces that transform vintage denim into storied and stylish outerwear


Created in 2005 as a passion project by designer McKenzie Rose, Franc Bakon officially launches today, with their inaugural collection of denim jackets. In the spirit of true DIY culture, Rose sources all his materials from a variety of vintage and thrift stores, seeking out the best classic denim jackets and transforming them into a stylish, wearable political and social commentary.


Using the jackets as a base, Rose selects appropriate accessories from his archive—from patches, cut-up T-shirts and other garments, to buttons and pins—to tell a specific story with each piece. These tales range from the musical (with a strong punk influence) to the mystical. All pieces are hand-sewn together by Rose himself, who spends the rest of his day working in a NYC leather shop.

The first 11 jackets are on sale now for $250 each at the Franc Bakon online shop.

Images courtesy of Franc Bakon