Celebrating Achille Castiglioni’s Design Legacy in Milan

Iconic and previously unseen creations on show at Palazzo della Triennale

One hundred years after his birth, the city of Milan is paying tribute to Achille Castiglioni, one of the greatest designers of the 20th century, with the exhibition A Castiglioni at Palazzo della Triennale. Stefano Boeri, the new President of La Triennale, introduced the exhibition saying, “It is not a retrospective, but a dialogue,” referring to an approach that shows the masters’ work through the eyes of …

Stainless Steel + PVD Pitcher

From the recently released Georg Jensen + Patricia Urquiola collaboration comes this sleek pitcher that manages to match modernity with timelessness. The ribbed steel is meticulous, but adds texture to an otherwise polished piece. Crafted from stainless steel, the pitcher features PVD coating, which is eco-friendly and high-tech—offering a protective layer to keep the object looking its best.

Milan Design Week 2015: Incredible Mirrors

From the iridescent to the structural and trippy, designs that take viewers through the looking glass

by Jill Singer What is it that makes the mirror such fertile ground for experimentation among designers? Is it its stubbornly unchanging material DNA? After all, is a mirror made from anything other than glass really a mirror? Whatever the case may be, designers this year across Milan Design Week took the challenge to reinvent this enduring everyday object to heart. From iridescent and ombré …